Tuesday 13 March 2012

Petal and Shoe Cake

Hi All,

I made this cake for a friend's birthday, the birthday girl is very feminine and got a strong sense of fashion. Hence the color scheme and the shoe. The shoe meant to be a Louboutin shoe, but with lack of knowledge on the designer famous red under sole, I made a cardinal sin by placing the red on the inner sole..my bad.

Without further ado, I present you Petal cake with shoe on top....

The petal and shoe cake

I did the suppose to be Louboutin shoe days in advance. I started with the heels and let it set for a day and I continued with the sole and left it set for another day. This is my first fondant shoe, and I have to admit I need to learn more about shoe. I made this one too short, the length of the flat front bit is not enough and the toes area is too small. But I was quite happy with this first attempt.

My first fondant shoe, making it is not as easy as it looks on the tutorial

Bakerz mum  baked 2 beautiful 6 inch chocolate cakes and I covered it with dark chocolate ganache. The cake turned out quite tall just like I want it to be. Covering cake this tall with fondant is not an easy task but I think I've done quite a great job.

Cake covered in fondant with fondant shoe at the background

Once the cake covered and sit nicely on top of fondant covered cake board I started my petals journey. It was not hard to do but require patience which I didn't have then so I requested Bakerz mum to assist me gluing the petals on the cake.

First layer of petals placed

I started the first layer of petal with red color. I used round cutter and sliced it 3/4 of the length and thinning the edge with ball tool. Once the first layer is done, I mixed white fondant to add gradation to the color.

Onto the third layer

I gradually change the color from red to pale pink by adding white fondant to the red fondant.

Final layer placed

Initially I was planning to put black fondant ribbon on top of the final layer, but Bakerz mum suggested me to try satin ribbon. So I went to my utility cupboard and found red satin ribbon which worked perfect.

Petals on and ribbon to finish

The mandatory snap shot of the finished cake

The birthday girl was thrilled with the cake at least she said she was hehehehe. I had so much fun did this cake, I've seen this petal cakes on the internet so many time and never thought how such a simple process can have a huge impact on the cake. 

I hope you enjoyed my post, I posted this cake on Cake Central and for a brief moment this cake was number 1 on the Favorite Cakes of the day list.


  1. your cakes is very beautiful... congratulation
    I don't speaking english
    me quedo ojeando tu blog
    un beso y que Dios te bendiga