Saturday 31 March 2012

Pregnant Dress Cake

I've seen a lot of tutorial and pictures of princess or Barbie cakes and I found it quite intriguing. All I need is a little girl who's dream of a birthday cake is a princess or Barbie cake. Unfortunately the chance is not looking to come soon. Another thing that intrigue me is the bridal shower cake with the same concept but instead of barbie they used headless mannequin which can be done with fondant.

Long story short, I got my sister in law coming along, she might not be a girl with a dream of princess or Barbie birthday cake but I think the dress with mannequin might be more appropriate for her. So I took the chance and creating this dress cake with a twist because she's pregnant with her first child.

I had days of preparation with this cake and managed to do a step-by-step tutorial, I hope you enjoy it and find the tutorial helpful.

I started with a sketch of how it should look like. I saw a lot of dress cake with mannequin in the net but none of them depicting pregnant lady. So I did the sketch to give me a rough idea how it should look like as a guide when I carve the cake.

First thing I did is the mannequin as it will take long time to set, so I shaped black fondant mixed with tylose as the mannequine upper torso with pregnant belly and let it set for 2 days.

My sketch along with the mannequin torso, I used a handwash bottle to give the curve contour to the mannequin's back

Next time is the cake, I had Bakerz Mum baked me 1 x 6 inch cake and 2 x 4 inch cake, I sandwich them with butter cream, put it in the freezer and let it freeze over night.

The cake frozen and ready to carve

I placed the smaller cakes on the edge of the 6 inch cake to follow my sketch and give definition to the pregnant belly. I placed the mannequin torso on top of the cake with dowel as support and start carving.

Mannequin torso standing tall supported by dowel inserted to the cake

I started carving the cake following the shape of the mannequin

The cake carved and ready to be coated with buttercream

Once I'm happy with the shape of the cake I covered the cake with buttercream, actually butter cream is also good to help me shape the cake.

Start covering the cake with buttercream

I covered the cake all the way to the torso part, and put extra buttercream on the belly to give it more definition

The cake completely covered with butter cream

Side view so you can see the belly

Once the cake covered with butter cream, I covered the front part of the dress with white fondant. I was planning to use the petals technique for the front part of the dress. The first time I did the petals technique I didn't get a chance to do a tutorial so I'll do a tutorial for the dress.

Step 1: rolled fondant to desired thickness

Step 2: using round cutter cut the fondant

Step 3: cut approx. 1/3 of the circle

This is what it should look like

Step 4: using ball tool thin the edge

 Step 5: apply fondant glue to the dress

Step 6: placed the petals on the dress

The finish front of the dress withe petals

Once the petals part finished I covered the rest of the cake with pale yellow dress and add yellow sash

Pale yellow dress, it's a bit tricky putting the dress on I was successful on my fifth attemp.

Yellow sash and bow attached

It was really late by the time I finished this step so I leave it to Bakerz Mum to finish the cake with royal icing lace the next day.

View from the top, gorgeous lacing by Bakerz Mum I added the pearl necklace and royal icing trim on the dress.

Side view to show the pregnant belly

Back side with the bow

It was a nice surprise for my sister in law and she really appreciate our effort creating this cake for her birthday. I'm just hopping the this cake will be memorable for her because this is her first birthday away from home, first birthday as a wife and last birthday before being a mum.

The birthday girl with her cake

It was a really fun cake to make and love love love the challenge. I'm really satisfied by the result and would love to do a project like this soon. Thank you all for checking by, will update you with my next project.

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  1. I like it! A good idea for a bridal shower cake! Thanks.