Sunday 18 November 2012

Peppa Pig Party

One BakerzMum and me was contacted by our dear friend to do a dessert table for her daughter's birthday party. We were ecstatic as we had so much fun with Alana's (our DD) dessert table.

The theme was Peppa Pig, very interesting theme as we can use a lot of vibrant colors. The main theme color is pink with supplementary colors of blue, yellow and green.

I did the cake with green base to mimic grass as on my cake Peppa and her brother George is having a birthday picnic. A miniature pink cake also involved in this cake as it's Peppa's birthday and they raised their hands up in the air to indicate that their having a great time. I add duck pond on the cake board plus little duckings.

The background is blue with big yellow paper pom pom as the sun and some smaller pompom in white as the cloud. looking into the pictures, the pom poms can be hang a little bit lower. However I had limited time to set up the table and boy the party guests are quite punctual with their time unlike my usual party guests hahahaha.

I did some pink pompoms for the table too and an extra yellow pom pom. The array of color is quite vibrant and I'm quite happy with how everything turned out.

My pride and joy are the cookies, these cookies are for give away at the end of the party and it comes with thank you message on the wrapper. Simple design yet looks so good.

The cake is chocolate cake filled and covered with dark chocolate ganache, and then covered with fondant with fondant decoration. So happy how the edge turned out so sharp, a technique I keep on perfecting.

BakerzMum did the macaroons, not the best looking macaroon but they tasted yummm.

Green and pink cakepops to go with the theme colors, we did upsidedown cake pops to create height on the table.

candy buffet with aray of vibrant colors, the jelly beans smells the color of the gummy bananas too.

I had super duper fun preparing for this dessert party table and really happy how it turned out. Hoping that I get more project like this in the future. Thanks for looking, I will update you with my next project.


  1. Please tell me how I can get the cookie wrappers? :)

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