Tuesday 1 May 2012

Sporty Dragon Baby Shower Cake

My brother and sister in law are expecting their first son and obviously ordered a baby shower cake from bakerzmum and me. We're really excited to welcome new member of the family and strive to create a cake that create beautiful memory.

Thankfully the expectant mum know what she wants, she sent me a picture of a beautiful cake with a pair of cute baby sneakers on top and has sport theme all over. She got it from a US website, so naturally the sports theme evolved around baseball and rugby which is not actually true with our environment. So I pitched her an idea to tweak the theme a little bit toward F1, which is my brother's favorite sports (event, he doesn't really does sport) and she agreed hence the Ferrari logo at the front. And she asked me to incorporate basketball too as it's her favorite sport.

The first thing I did was creating the cute sneaker, 5 minuted surfing the net and I found a template in cakecentral. I did the sneakers day in advance because it took time to set. I also did the pacifier which is not too difficult once I saw a tutorial on Youtube.

The cute sneakers and pacifier, love the color.....

With the sneakers and pacifier done, I thought I can sit back and relax and ice the cake the night before. However, my SIL message me 2 days before the cake due and she asked if it's possible to add small dragon because the baby will be born on the year of the dragon. I accepted the challenge without hesitation, and did a replica of the dragon I did before but make it blue to align with the theme color.

This dragon suppose to have wings but due to misjudgement on the area I have between the edge of the cake board and the cake I have to left the wing off and mutated one of his back leg...poor thing.

Along with the cake I did cakepops, love this little nibbles and they're really fun to make and love playing with the presentation.

 Cakepops in the making

The cake pops

Bakerzmum did 2 kind of cakes for this project, chocolate cake on the bottom tier and 'Lapis Surabaya' for the top tier. We have to make sure the proportion is correct to make the design works.

Top tier, 'Lapis Surabaya'

The chocolate cake turned out really tall and when we had to trim them a little bit. But at the end I got to say the chocolate cake is the tallest and largest cake I've ever iced by far, it sort of my personal accomplishment.

Bakerzdad icing the largest cake by far

Okay now, bakerzmum underestimated the time on baking the cake and I can only start icing the cake 9 o'clock the night before. It was 12.30am in the morning and I finally finished icing the cake, and stacked on top of the cake board and I went to bed thinking that it's only the matter of decorating and it won't take that long....boy I was wrong.

The cake iced, this is the last time I had the luxury of photographing this cake...the rest is chaos!!!!!

So I woke up early in the morning and start decorating the cake, and I had to do the square things with sport theme to place on the cake. Because it has to go on the side of the cake I can't do it earlier because it needs to follow the shape of the cake and I didn't know that it will take most of my time. 

The party invite is at 12noon and by 10.45am I was freaking out, I yelled at bakerzmum to help and keep running around like headless chicken. At the end the cake finished...at 12noon, so I didn't have time to take a proper picture of this cake, it wasn't the priority at that time. 

The cake arrived 1 hour late, but my SIL was so ecstatic with the cake she didn't say anything about us being late. I had my BIL (bakerzmum's little brother) took some pictures of the cake caused I was so exhausted and couldn't care less about taking pictures of the cake.

 The sneakers took center stage

The cute dragon stole the show

I received so much compliment for the cake, it was really labor intensive but it was worth it. The dragon by far is the show stealer, it's not part of the initial plan but it had become the main attraction.

The cake and cakepops together

The basketball on the site with the star at the back, one day he will become a star

The cake by itself, view from the top

Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with my next project.


  1. Another amazing creation by Bakerzdad!!!
    when I saw the Ferrari logo, I immediately thought, how fitting with your brother :)
    So the newphew will be an all star basket ball player who drive ferrari.. niceeee!!!!

  2. Amazing! I love it. The dragan and booties are so so cute.

  3. Outstanding cake.The kids shoes on top is amazing and the dragon below is just perfect.winnie the pooh baby shower

  4. Oh how great is that!! Your Baby Shower party must be so interesting and enjoyable as well. Truly that cake you made is best decoration item in this party. I would like to use this idea in my daughter’s baby shower that I am going to plan at San Francisco venues.