Sunday, 25 January 2015

Baptism Cake for Sweet Madeline

When an old friend contacted you to make her a baptism cake for her daughter you obliged. Little sweet Madeline is the daughter of one of my oldest friend from high school, and it made you realize how we're getting older when you and your friends start having children and all that comes with it: baby shower, baptism, first birthday party etc.

The design is pretty simple, she asked me to copy a picture of a cake with small flowers forming a cross, I put my own twist by making the cross standing up and add some roses. The bow at the back basically to fill in the space but I think it add some nice touches.

I think this is my first ombre strips cake, so excited to finally do ombre cake. Got to tell you making those strips are pretty time consuming but love the result at the end.

Here's a view form top angle of the cake. Thanks Madeline's mum for trusting me to cater for sweet Maddie baptism.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Cars 2 Cake for Lucas

If you ever remember last year I made a cake for my beloved nephew for his first birthday Cars cake for Marco and how I miserably failed to make the cake topper. That time I tried to make a giant Lightning McQueen and the details are just overwhelming so I decided to go with plastic version of that red car.

So this project is about redemption and how I was faced with my nemesis those talking cars from Disney's Cars franchise. Lucas's mum contacted me and asked me to do a copy of another caker's work with 2 cars figurine on top. Still recovering from the failure I made, I braved myself to accept the challenge. Since it required 2 figurines on the cake so it's not too hard to do and I managed to do the cars figurine (yay me).

Along with the figurines I did the cities plaque as per Luca's mum photo example, and I did Cars 2 logo as well. With a little bit patient and aiming on achievable goal I managed to pull trough this cake.

I also did some stars to burst out from the cake with Italian flag colors. At the end it was quite a well presented cake and I was quite happy with the end result.

I also did racing flag pattern on the cake board, shouldn't have done the whole thing as most of my hard work was covered by the cake.

Here are some of the pictures of the cake.

I hope you enjoy this entry as this is my first entry on 2014 (gasp!) been lazy as this is October and I have at least a dozen project to blog.

Here goes my new year resolution, maybe I need to renew it for 2015 :)

Monday, 30 December 2013

Ruffle Rose Cake

This cake is for my mum, I've been doing cakes for 2 years and this is the first time I got a chance to do a cake for her. She happened to visit Australia for my little brother's graduation from Uni. She loves shoes and handbags and first thing came to mind is to do a cake related to shoes and handbags. But after second thought I decided to make something feminine and elegant for her.

This ruffle rose design has been around for quite sometime and I really wanted to do this design so I decided to do it for my mum. It's not as simple as it looks and I did found difficulties at times but at the end I managed to pull something quite decent. It is time consuming and took a lot of effort to do.

For the topper I decided to do my favorite peony, this time in white and open wide as the center of attention. For the top tier I used my new airbrush set (a Christmas gift from my wife) to give it pearly sheen. The pearls was last minute addition as I thought the tier looked too bare without anything.

It was 4 faced ruffle roses all around the cake, took me approximately 3 hours to finish this small tier. The bottom tier was 6 inch and top tier was 5 inch yet it took me forever to finish the ruffle.

My beautiful mum with her birthday cake, I had so much fun doing this cake and her reaction was priceless.

This is my last entry for 2013, it's been a wonderful year. I had amazing opportunities to learn and try new techniques and the highlight of this year cake-wise was being featured in Cake Central magazine.

I want to say thank you to all my supporters with your positive comments on Facebook and word-of-mouth recommendations. I'm a hobby baker that hopes to turn this cake decorating as a sound business venture. Hopefully year 2014 will be my year to realize the dream, thanks again and have a safe holiday and Happy New Year 2014.

Adam's Baptism Cake

Angela and Simon was a long time supporter of BakerzDad, Simon's Panda birthday cake was one of the cake that I did and I also did their Puzzle Wedding Cake.  They have been blessed with beautiful baby boy, Adam and Angela contacted me to do Adam's baptism cake.

Angela asked me to do me-to-you teddy bear, the original picture the teddy was holding rosary, I tried to make rosary but it didn't turn out well so I did cross instead.

She also asked me to do baby booties but I pitched in the idea to make it converse sneakers instead and she agreed.

Along with the cake she also asked me to do cupcakes as favors for the guests to take home. The cupcakes come with individual boxes.

Details on the cake

Angela sent me this image of how the arrange it in the Church. Welcome to the Kingdom of God little Adam may you raised become a faithful man and fear of God.

Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with my next project. My next project will be my last for 2013.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Rustic Wedding Cake

One of our bridesmaid was getting married and she asked me to do her wedding cake. I've been quite close to Indira the bride because she's really easy to be around with, always positive and open minded. When she asked me to do her wedding cake unlike other bride she left everything up to me I mean everything.

Her only brief was the wedding going to be in a vineyard and it has sort of like rustic feeling to it and her color was green. First came to my mind was sugar succulent which is quite popular lately, it's still uncommon and quirky and fit to the rustic theme.

This is my first time did sugar succulent and I love how easy and great it turned out to be. The branches idea came to me when I visited Cake Expo in Melbourne, I saw one of the cake has succulent and branches on it. The challenge is to find what branches to use. At first, I was thinking to use dried curly willow so I went to the florist and informed that they don't sell dried willow only fresh willow and it will get dry if taken out of water for a couple of weeks, yeah right I only have like 4 days until the wedding.

So I took the change and bought the fresh curly willow and took it out of the water. At the end it worked out better because the fresh branches are easier to handle.

I accompanied the cake with a dozen of cupcakes decorated with sugar succulents. It's not your usual wedding cake so I was quite nervous if Indira doesn't like it but when I showed her the pictures I took when I saw her outside the church she approved it phew.

Me the baker hehehehe

Look how beautiful the venue was

Cutting the cake, seriously that vintage table was very wobbly I was scared that the cake toppled to the ground

The traditional sharing the cake (or cupcakes)

It was a very fun day and we enjoyed beautiful weather at the wedding, happy wedding Indira and Mike may you love each other for the rest of your life.

Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with more projects.

Peonies Wedding Cake

Okay, when the bride first contacted me she failed to mention this is a wedding cake. Well practically this is not a wedding cake, this is a surprise birthday cake for the groom (so sweet) but it serves as wedding cake too. Ok I'll stop, before I confuse you even further.

Peony is my all time favorite flower in fact it's my wedding flower I think I like it because the fact that peony is huge and looks so dominant. So when the bride asked me to do peonies I jumped with joy, reason being I have peony cutter which I bought last year and I haven't got a chance to use it.

OK, back again this is a birthday cake for the groom with his Initial on top. I didn't even know that it was the bride who ordered the cake I thought she was ordering as part of a group of friends who wants to surprise the groom on his wedding/birthday.

How did I know the one ordering the cake was the bride? When I delivered the cake her name was on the venue announcement (D'ohhh) I secretly thought that she's a best friend who secretly had a crush on the groom (talking about 'My Best Friend's Wedding).

The designed was from the bride, she asked me to do a square cake as the bottom tier and placed stages of groom's life on each side of the cake, here goes:

When he was a baby

When he was a boy

When he graduated from Uni ( I forgot to paint the frame gold on this one when I took the photo, but I did paint it gold after the photo shoot done)

When he marries his dream girl.

I think this cake is so sweet and I bet the groom was so touched with how far his bride went to get a surprise cake for him. Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with my next projects.

Isadora's First Birthday Cake

Isadora's mum contacted me to do a cake for her first birthday. She wanted me to do similar cake with the one I did for Ella but different (?) hahahahaha. After we discuss the idea she wanted me to do Isadora figurine on top of her cake.

She sent me a picture of Isadora with her birthday dress, a beautiful white dress and she asked me to make the figurine hold Isadora's favorite plush toy a cute bunny and she will be holding a baloon with number '1' on it.

because it's sort of bunny theme she asked me to do carrots to go around the top tier. Along with the cake Isadora's mum asked me to do some cupcakes too.

It turned out that Isadora's dad is a photographer and has his own studio Vivera and he sent me these pictures from the party. It looked like very fun party, and look at the details.

Such a fun cake to make and making me so happy that the display it on a beautiful dessert table. Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with more projects.