Friday 7 October 2011



Thanks for checking out Bakerz Dad, my love story with baking has come a long way. My late grandma owned a famous Bakery School in my birth town Semarang, Indonesia. Many of the patisserie and bakery owners in that town took their first step from my nana's humble bakery class. Her talent didn't pass to my mum, therefore I never took interest in baking in 30 years of my life. My uncle, however took the talent from my grandma and now run a successful business in Jakarta, some years ago he even had a regular baking show on national TV.

Me myself never took interest on baking, well I did bake some pre mixed cakes from time to time. My background is Interior Design and I always interested on decoration. It all started on my baby girl's birthday party preparation. I was browsing the internet looking for ideas to decorate the party and I came across an idea of making cookie on a stick. We chose bunny theme for the party and yellow, orange, white for the pallet. So I did my research in the internet and found some recipe and great tutorial on creating the cookie on a stick.

To achieve the desired decorative effect I decided to use fondant, it was my first time trying to work with fondant. After spending hours looking at the tutorial videos on You Tube I got my first tub of fondant. I found working with fondant is so much fun and entertaining my creative mind. My cookies on a stick was a success in the party and I received so much compliments for them.

This is where it all started, thanks for checking my blog and I will come back with more update on my baking journey.

Please check some pictures of the cookie-on-a-stick from our baby girl's party

 Bunny cookies-on-a-stick

Cake table setting, I didn't do the cake though

 Bunny cookies-on-a-stick

 Proof to be a crowd pleaser

 Bakerz Dad

 Bakerz Mum


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