Tuesday 29 November 2011

Anniversary Cupcakes by Bakerz Mum

Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking my blog, this post will be all about bakerz mum.

With this post I would like to let everyone know that bakerz mum is the force behind bakerz dad. She baked most of the cake and gave me moral support when needed (when the fondant cracked while I was trying to cover the cake and it's already midnite and I felt really tired and drained). So I would like to share the glory with my lovely wife and acknowledge her contribution on every projects that I've done.

This post is dedicated to Bakerz Mum, and yes she did everything by herself. It was our second anniversary, despite all the planning to bake our own anniversary cake we decided not to go ahead with the plan due to shitty weather on the weekend leading up to our anniversary. The weekend was freezing cold and turned to extreme hot and made us really tired and not motivated, so we decided to not make anything that weekend.

To my surprise, bakerz mum made the effort and surprise me with anniversary cupcakes. It was a really nice surprise because I never thought she had it in her. The design was quite simple but still shows a little bit of creative flair and the color combination is superb.

Here are the cupcakes, it spelled LOVE A (love heart) I it's our intial

I love the color combination, the cupcakes holder are silicone ones, we bought it just a day before

I was inspired by one of the food blog that I saw, they have beautiful food photography technique so I tried to style this photo session a little bit

The birds salt and pepper shakers are our wedding favor, we still keep a handful on our cupboard, and the pink peonies is our wedding flower so everything in theme for our anniversary.

This post is dedicated to my lovely wife Bakerz Mum who blew me away with her cupcakes surprise and with this claimed her tittle as Bakerz Dad's trustworthy side kick hehehe. Happy Anniversary sweet heart, It's been 2 years but it felt like just yesterday I saw you walked down the aisle and vowed to love and honor each other all the days of our life.

Thanks everyone for checking out, we will update you with our next project. Cheers.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary guys. May God continue to bless our marriage and keep you in His love :)