Saturday 31 March 2012

Mulan Cupcakes

Mulan Cupcakes in a box of 24

An old friend contacted me asking for a quote for cupcakes for her daughter's birthday party. At first it's a bit indecisive about the theme of the cupcakes. But at the end we decided to go with Mulan to match the Mulan birthday cake done by the grandma.
This is my first cupcakes project, a bit time consuming because I can't do the decoration days in advance. But overall it's an enjoyable experience.

The girl Mulan

The boy Mulan

Captain Li

Mulan's Horse


I was planning to make the cricket but it's too delicate and it was like 1 in the morning so I dropped it and asked Bakerz Mum to do the cherry blossom instead.
Credit to Bakerz Mum for getting the perfect cupcakes, in all she baked 60 cupcakes. The first batch of 24 was a write off, the second batch was not as high as I wanted it to be. The third and fourth batch were perfect.
Thanks for checking my blog, will update you with my next project.


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