Sunday 25 November 2012

B+L Wedding Cakepops

It was back in January that I received a Facebook message from recently engaged Miss L to make cakepops for her wedding. Miss L is my former colleague back in 2009 and never I imagined that I will take part of her most important day of her life.

Fast forward 11 months, and yes she's so organized she got everything for her wedding in line and she even sent me design guide for her cakepops. The design is quite simple yet elegant, and she wanted me to incorporated their initial on the cakepops. The color of choice is watermelon, I took it somewhere between pink and orange, to have specified color I had to color the 100's and 1000' and the cachous with powder colors.

The venue was at beautiful Yarra Ranges Estate and I had so much fun driving all the way there to deliver the cakepops. In all  I made 131 cakepops, 126 mixed of dark chocolate mudcake coated with dark chocolate and white chocolate mudcake coated with white chocolate plus 5 gluten free dark chocolate mudcake coated in both dark chocolate and white chocolate.

I arrived way earlier than the ceremony time and basically had the venue for my own, I spent around one hour placing the cakepops on planter pots supplied by the bride. Since I have venue for my own I took some pictures of the cakepops on bridal table.

The backdrop is just breath taking making me wanted to re-do my wedding, but me and my wife always want to re-do our wedding all the time. Not like we don't like our wedding is just so many beautiful venues out there with countless different takes of what a wedding should be, and we're just too greedy hahahahaha.

Sea of cakepops, the bride wanted me to placed dried moss on the pots to make the cakepops look like flowers and I'm so proud of my cakepops the fruit of our hard works.

The reception area showcase wedding photos of both bride and groom parents and grandparents from both side a really smart idea and hold very sentimental value. So I took the liberty to take photograph of the cakepops on the reception table.

Gluten Free Cakepops come with special design and card that indicate that cakepops in this pot is all gluten free.

Another take of the cakepops


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