Sunday 18 November 2012

Ocotonauts Cupcakes

Hi All,

So, I've done this cupcakes together with flowers and butterflies cupcakes on my previous post. The flowers and butterflies cupcakes are for the girls and for the boys my friend ordered Octonauts cupcakes.

Actually, she leave it up to me with the design but she wants a special cupcake for the birthday boy with Octonauts theme. As I quite fond with the Octonauts theme I pitched to do Octonauts cupcakes for the boys and she accepted.

The idea is to make a special cupcake for the birthday boy, as he's favorite character on Octonauts is Captain Barnacles I made a figurine of Captain Barnacles to go on top of the special cupcake. The rest of the cupcakes will be the face of the crew, I did Kwazii, Peso and Shellington.

As for the special cupcake, I placed number 4 as the birthday boy is turning 4 and his name on the cupcake.

This is suppose to be a quite simple design, but how I learned that nothing is simple and easy to do with cupcakes. Cupcakes very time consuming and those teeny tiny details are killing me. Doing these cupcakes made me miss normal size cake hahahaha, but it's a good learning curve though.

Captain Barnacles and his crew

View from the top

It's not an easy project and very time consuming, however the end result is not disappointing. Thanks for looking and I will update you with my next project.


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