Friday 27 December 2013

Romantic Wedding Cake

I've been stalking Rob Ben Israel lately, looking at his YouTube videos, his website, NYC girls' blog and fascinated by his creations. So when a couple asked me to do their wedding cake and the asked for suggestion I pitched this idea inspired by Ron Ben Israel style.

The cake is 4 tier cake with dummy tier served as flower arrangement holder. I've been taking flower making classes in Craftsy and learned how to make sugar flowers from Jacquelin Buttler. I used technique she tought on her sugar flowers class to do the filler flowers.

Flowers I used on this cake dominantly are roses with small filler flowers and hydrangeas. As requested by the bride, roses colors were soft pink, ivory, and hot pink with green from leaves and hydrangeas as accent.

Making the cake is not a challenge, the challenge was time. I'm still working full time as sales reps and it required me to travel interstate. The week this cake was due I was out of town the whole week back on Friday and cake needs to be delivered on Sunday. So I had to do the flowers ahead of time, I made all the flowers a week before, otherwise hey won't set and unusable.

The other challenge was to make the couple's initial with romantic type, I didn't have the patient to hand cut them so I think think and think. At last I came out with the idea to hand drawn (or written) them directly on the plaque. It turned our pretty good and I love the technique.

Other challenge was transporting this cake, I think this one is the heaviest and tallest by far. Since the second bottom tier was dummy cake, this cake is sort of top heavy so carrying it took extra caution. This cake was so tall I can see the top of the bouquet when I looked at my rear view mirror in my SUV.

Thank God the venue had a food trolley which I can borrow to transport the cake. I think this cake turned out well and the bride send me a message thanking me for making the cake. I was grateful I got the change to do this beautiful cake inspired by Ron Ben Israel and hoping that  got to do more cakes like this in the future.

Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with my next project.


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