Saturday 8 October 2011

Bakerz Mum Birthday Cake

My wife's birthday was approaching and I made a call to our trusted cake maker and guess what she's on holiday for 3 months in Greece (lucky woman). So I offered my wife to make her birthday cake myself and she accepted. Having your wife as first client is not so bad because you kinda like have an idea what she like and you can consult your idea anytime (quite a great pillow talk material).

She wants something pink with roses on top. I did my research and found out an easy way to create fondant rose without any tools. SO basically I just roll out white fondant into ball, and gently and repeatedly press the center to edge to create coin shape with thin edge, and I got rose petals. I joint them together to create beautiful roses.

 I covered the cake with pink fondant and I used white royal icing to trim the cake. The cake turn out quite neat but yet I didn't managed to get fondant smoother in time for smoothing the cake. But i did my research on the internet and someone suggested to use left over fondant (with the same color) as smoother. All you need to do is roll it into ball and rub it on your cake with a little bit of pressure. It was a great tip and even though my cake is not perfectly smooth but it's smooth-er.

Check some photos that I took on Bakerz Mum's birthday morning.

I made six roses but only used five at the end, for the leafe I used my heart shape cookie cutter and used the back of small knife to create the indentation. 

My first attempt using pipping tip to create birthday message, not too bad for first try.

The pink birthday cake with white roses on top.

Top view, the roses is a bit off center due to different size roses hehehehe.

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  1. well done bakerz dad! ^^ i'm waiting for my "you know what" inspired cake :b