Wednesday 12 October 2011

Lapis Surabaya or Spiku

Hi everyone,

Me and my wife has been trusted to create a birthday cake for our friend's son first birthday. It's so excited and we're trying to impress. We decided to go with Lapis Surabaya or Spiku a famous Indo cake that use a lot I mean A LOT of egg yolk. Well the cake is pretty much more egg yolk than flour in my opinion, but it has nice texture and really yummy. So me and my wife did a trial to make sure we're ready for the birthday cake. We found the recipe off the internet, gotta love how everything is so accessible these days.

Please check how we go. Cheers.

The bottom part or known as 'yellow' layer, we used 15 egg yolk to get this height

The 'yellow' layer and 'chocolate' layer side by side with 'chocolate' top still intact

Took the top off to make it level

 Spread some strawberry jam on the bottom 'yellow' layer

Stacked them together, quite happy with the height
And it tasted YUMMM

Thanks for checking out, I'll update you with the final result on the birthday cake. Have got some decoration elements done but still to keep it a secret hehehehe.


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