Saturday 19 November 2011

Cookie Bouquet for a Housewarming Party

Hi All,

Thanks for checking my blog. My family had been invited to a housewarming party. The home owner is a great couple with their beautiful daughter, they have been moved to the house for quite sometimes but haven't got a chance to get the house blessed.
Initially bakerz mum and I was thinking to bake lapis surabaya for the party and cut it in bite size for the guests. But along with the housewarming invitation, the home owner placed a cake order for her borther's birthday the day after. To avoid any lapis surabaya overdose for this lovely couple, we decided to baked cookies instead. That is cookie on a stick and arrange it as bouquet.

 We found a quirky orange watering can and decided to use it as the 'vase'

Cookie on a stick on the making, we iced it with coloured fondant and decorate with royal icing

Exploring our creativity with different design on the flowers and stars

The cookie bouquet

With my brick wall as backgorund
another angle with the brick wall

Close up view of the cookies

The house warming was a great party, not too many people and feels so intimate. Many of the guests stayed until late afternoon because of the cozy house and great food provided. And everyone left with cookies as party favor.


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