Friday 11 November 2011

Panerai Themed Birthday Cake

Hi all,

Thanks for checking out my blog, it's my brother's birthday and I made special cake for him.
My brother is a Panerai addict, during our visit to Europe I had to follow him around to satisfy his obsession : visiting any Panerai boutique or stockist available in the city and visiting Hard Rock Cafe to get some T-Shirt. Anyway, his birthday was coming up and since I got new hobby in baking I decided to bake him a cake with Panerai theme.

The first initial idea was to bake a cake in Panerai watch shape, but I found it too hard and might require really big cake. I found out that he's not planning a big dinner but only intimate dinner with family and close friend, yes just one friend got invited outside family circle therefore big cake wouldn't be suitable. So I changed my plan and decided to make Panerai watch from fondant as cake topper and the cake will be the box.
Here's how the finish product looks like

View from the top
I'm quite happy with how the watch turned out but the box can be better, I didn't let it set enough so the box's walls are wavy. But the overall look of the cake is quite alright.

I made the watch plus the strap one day in advance, should have make the straps on the same day because it set to hard and really hard to bend. For the watch I was trying to make it silver using black food coloring but it turned out purplish, so I painted black with black food coloring.

The cake still on top of turn table

another view of the cake,  I added a plaque with my brother's name on it. Used the left over fondant from the strap, not much left so only fit for his name ideally I would like to incorporate 'Happy Birthday' word too.

Other view of the cake

Details on the watch, anyone whose brave enough to eat this fondant watch will end up with black teeth and tongue and not to mention the fondant quite hard to chew caused I added Tylose to harden it quicker.

Details on the strap and box's walls, look how wavy it is, got to practice more so I can master this technique.

The cake turned out to be a great surprise for my brother, while we're having dinner he's already posted it on the Panerai enthusiast forum. I'm glad he likes it and Happy Birthday brother glad I can  contribute on your special day, especially because it fell on 11-11-11. Thanks everyone for checking, I will update you with my next project, I hope you enjoy the post.


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