Saturday 31 March 2012

Lego Head Cake

A friend contacted me to make a cake for her son's birthday and decided to get Lego as the theme. I have to admit I found quit a number of beautiful Lego cake in the net but nothing tickle my fancy as the Lego head idea. One of the brief is to make it not too cute because the birthday boy was turning nine and not to keen on the idea of cute cake. I hope he didn't find this too cute.

Unfortunately I didn't get a change to take some photos of this cake in the making. But as summary, I used polystyrene as the 'neck' and I placed 2 layers of 6 inch cake on to of 6 inch cake board. To get the rounded effect on the edge of the head I freeze the cake and carved is slightly. The round bit on top of the cake is fondant, I used blue fondant from my other project and cover it with yellow fondant. All the decorations are fondant. to secure the cake I used sharpened wooden dowel to pin the cake to the polystyrene neck.

 Lego Man

Details on the top bit

Birthday boy's name in Lego style font

View from the top

This was quite a fun cake to make and the only think that worried me is that the cake might fell off the polystyrene neck during transport. But I haven't heard anything from Travis' mum so I assume the cake traveling alright. Thank you all for checking, I will update you with my next project.


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