Friday 18 May 2012

House Cake

I was driving for a business trip out of town when BakerzMum told me that we had a last minute cake order. A friend of ours was texting BakerzMum if we could make her a cake for her husband's birthday in 2 days, that means we have limited time to finish the cake. So we took the challenge and ask for instruction how the cake should look like.

Our friend didn't have any idea what it should look like and asked for our suggestion, and we came with basic simple question: 'What is his interest/hobby?'. She replied that he has many hobbies and interest, so we dig deeper, does he like cars? footbal clubs? anything? At the end we settle with house, because he is a property developer. It was quite exciting because I've never done house cake before, and I saw many of great examples in the internet.

So we didn't waste any time and start working on the project that night by building the walls, door and windows. Since we're in a hurry I didn't got a chance to take pictures of the process. Our friend picked Lapis Surabaya for the cake and actually it's not my ideal cake to shaped, but I didn't see any problem using Lapis Surabaya for this particular design. I built the walls and roofs in advance and I made them in pieces so I won't need to roll and cover the cake with fondant like normal cake, so the Lapis Surabaya won't need to bear too much weight.

The only process photo I could snapped

I used a lot of butter cream for this project, at least I used 750grm of vegetable shortening. I need the butter cream to cover the cake and to shape the roof. I pre-measured the walls and roofs so it's not the fondant that follows the shape of the cake but the cake has to follow the measurement from the fondant. And I happened to over estimate the length of the house, this is where butter cream take charge, so I slapped at least 1.5 cm of butter cream on each side of the cake. But at the end everything works perfectly.


The other thing that's time consuming is the roof, because I have to cut and placed the roof-tiles one by one. If I got a chance to do another house cake I will consider simpler method. This is quite a last minute project and ideally I would love to add more details on the house but with the time constraint I think I've done quite a decent job.

Bird eye view

The birthday boy was turning 35, so I put number 35 as the number of the house. I hope they notice it when they cut the cake hehehehe.

View from the top

East Elevation

West Elevation

Rear elevation, I didn't have time to make another door hence the ugly back of the house

Detailed View

BakerzMum told me that our friend was quite happy when she picked-up the cake, I hope her husband appreciate her thoughtfulness and enjoy the cake. Thanks for checking out, I will update you with my next project.

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