Sunday 22 April 2012

Flower Baby Cake

There's no more joy than welcoming newborn baby. As this year is the year of dragon, we're expecting to see many babies popping out trough out the year because having a dragon baby considered lucky, if none of the parents Chinese Zodiac conflicting with dragon, isn't that confusing? Align with Indo-Chinese tradition of celebrating the first month of baby's live parents are preparing favors to distribute among well wisher, traditionally the favor is 'nasi bungkus' rice meal in a box completed with red eggs as sign of prosperity and fertility. However, nowadays people replacing the 'nasi bungkus' with cakes or cupcakes or cookies or anything too keep the tradition alive. For some the only thing they keep is the red eggs.

Looking trough the year with many potential baby projects, I decided to invest on this beautiful baby mold from First Impression. It's the most baby mold I've ever seen and had been eyeing this mold since my first baby project back in january. Unfortunately the only shop in Australia stocking this particular mold was still close for Christmas holiday at that time. I bought this mold originally for my brother's baby due to see the world in June.

 What came out of the mold...teeny tiny baby

One Monday morning I received a message from a dear friend of mine ordering 32 cakes for her baby girl one month celebration and I accepted in a heartbeat. I just received the baby mold the day before and very excited to start using it. The baby came out of the mold has endless possibilities to decorate, I can put clothes on it, or a blanket, a hat, even costumes (I saw some people put bee costume to mimic Anne Geddes photos) hehehehehe.

At the end I decided to put nothing on the baby, I want her to wear her birthday suit. The idea is to put her on top of a flower, it's a simple but nice idea. However, creating 32 flowers will be a challenge of it's own especially I don't have flower cutter big enough for the baby. At the end I had to cut, curl and mold to shape each petals one-by-one, it's 10 petals for each flower, so at the end I cut, curled and shaped 320 petals all together. But the result is sensational and paid for the hard work.

Baby resting on flower, or baby born from flower...use your own imagination

So the other challenge is baking 32 cakes and cover them with fondant. The cakes are marble cake with vanilla butter cream with pink royal icing garnish.

 Production tables, 31 cakes iced 1 cake is still 3 weeks away because the recipient still on holiday...lucky them.

The cake without garnish, BakerzMum still on progress garnishing the cakes

Gotta love baby bum

View from the top, the baby looks so peaceful

Another view of the cake

At the end, my friend couldn't compliment me enough on the cakes it makes hours of hard works paid off. Next time I'll be using this baby mold is for my little nephew plenty of time to think about different execution, or should I start preparing the baby now? Anne Geddes website would be a great place for inspiration. Thanks for checking my blog.


  1. Hi I was looking for some ideas for my baby's first month celebration and came across your amazing blog! Is there any chance I can ask you to make only the baby as I live in NSW. If so, how much would you charge for the product and posting?

    1. Hi Esther, thanks for your kind word. Please send and email to: with the quantity and address so I can give you the estimate. Thank you.

  2. dit, awesome petal and baby!!! wish i could order some baby cakes and send them to Indo ya... hahaha...

    1. Thanks Tessa, it took ages to make but it's all worth it. Congrats on your baby girl....we should catch up sometime if I'm back in Indo