Tuesday 15 May 2012

Burberry Cake

A good friend of mine ordered a cake for her mother's 60th birthday. Her mum is a funky and awesome 60 year old (I didn't realize she's 60 as she's so energetic and fun). She likes everything Burberry especially her Burberry hat and quilted jacket.

So I did my research and found some great Burberry cake in the net. I did the figurine in advance because I need it to dry.

The figurine was originally designed with hand on hip and the other hand sort of touching the hat, but it didn't go well. So I have the right hand waving which at the end not really looks like full on waving, so I came out with the idea to put a Burberry handbag on the her elbow. Hence the handbag incorporated with the figurine.

Originally I was thinking of making number '60' to stand next to the figurine, but the figurine turned out quiet tall and I don't have any number cutter to balance the proportion with the figurine. So I decided to make a plaque,  using my new letter impress and letter-number cutter.

The cake is 8 inch chocolate cake with chocolate and raspberry filling, covered with fondant. It took my ages to get this shade of beige but I'm very happy with how it turned out.

The cake covered in fondant and placed on top of the cake board

I found this design at cake central and what else screams Burberry if not the Burberry check. Well obviously it's not really Burberry check pattern, because it suppose to have 3 black strips but I cut the strips to wide so I can only fit 2 strips hehehehe.

The cake minus the figurine and plaque, I think it looks good enough as is but it won't represent anything of my friend's mum.

Close up view of the figurine and the paque

This cake turned out to be a huge success, my friend's mum loved it and they said the cake tasted awesome. Really fun to make and love how it turned out. Thanks for checking my blog, I'll update you with my next project.

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  1. awww you've just done it again!!!
    The FIGURINE.. you just nailed it!!! really niceee Bakerdadz!
    can't wait till your next project :):):)