Friday 1 June 2012

Ballerina Cake

Ballerina cake with lots of pink, my friend commissioned me and bakerzmum to do her daughter's birthday cake. And yes you guess it, she loves ballet.....plie...jette....and pirouette. First thing came in mind is ballet slippers, I bought my daughter a key chain with tinny ballet slipper from Opera Paris and I think it would look lovely on top of the cake. Something that I didn't count is this is a cake for a 5 year old and as nice as ballet slippers idea was it might be too serious.

After back and forth with idea (mostly in my mind), my friend send me a picture of a very cute and sweet figurine of a ballerina sitting on a cake holding a bouquet of colorful flowers. So I drew all the inspiration from that picture and I created pinky ballerina cake yup it's pink overload but totally appropriate for a 5 year old.

Rainbow cake is a big thing in Indonesia at the moment, my facebook newsfeed full of people posing in front of their rainbow cake proudly. As if it's something special, all I know it consist heavily colored with food coloring layers of sponge cake yup it's glorified sponge cake yet people so proud that they've eaten rainbow cake and decided to brag about it on Facebook. So, as a trend conscious mum my friend requested the cake to be rainbow cake. With a little help from my dear cousin who posted her rainbow cake, the one she baked not bought we tested a recipe that suited to our need. hence you got 6 layers of colorful cake filled with cream cheese icing. My first ever rainbow cake, it's a labor intensive cake but looks really nice, close your eyes and stop thinking about the food coloring.

Okay, now I have to remake the sweet and cute figurine and I tried my best. At the end my version of figurine is decent enough I think. Yes it looked a little bit chubby and the proportion is a bit off, and my friend thought the figurine looks more like her than her daughter, so you got ballerina mum hehehehe.

I've been spending time watching tutorial youtube video on pipping technique and it seems doable so in tune with the feminine theme I decided to do a simple lace design using royal icing. One of the brief if the birthday girl requested silver balls so I incorporated silver balls on the lace design and I think it worked well with the design.

View from the top

The little ballerina and her cake

They cut the cake...and look it's rainbow cake, very happy with the colors

Look at that little hands I think they tried to pinch the silver balls

A slice of rainbow cake anyone?

As much as I think the buzz about rainbow cake is a little bit ridiculous I have to admit that it's a one gorgeous cake. This is a really great project and I have to say that I enjoy doing this, thanks to BakerzMum that spent a whole day baking 6 layers of mutlicolor cake and whipping delicious cream cheese icing. Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with my new project.


  1. awwww bakerzdad!! loveee loveeee this cake!!!
    Rainbow cake have been around for ages, didn't know that it's start trending in Indo, but you just nailed it!!! The color look vibrant and the cream cheese frosting... oh so yummy!!

    With the figurine, I just oh so love her hair!! check out those wave and styling. and those pipingggg... simply elegant and beautiful. just a dream cake for a beautiful 5 yr old :)

    With the face I have to agree w Mrs V, maybe it's the nose-eyes proportion? and the corner lips look a little bit like wrinkle perhaps? but overall again, WELL DONE! keep postingggg....

    1. Hi Fani, thanks for your kind words, yup I just don't understand why people go crazy about this cake full of artificial coloring but got to admit it looks a million bucks. The figurine is still not spot on have to practice more. I found the secret with pipping, if you use old fashion baking paper pipping bag you will gain more control especially with the small detail so I'm ditching my plastic pipping bag and stick with good old baking paper.