Thursday 6 September 2012

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Cake

One of our daughter's carer in CC saw the photos of Alana's birthday party and praising the cake and all the sweets that we made. Before we know it she approached BakerzMum and asking us to make a cake for her partner's 30th birthday.

She picked Johnnie Walker Blue Label as the theme and we accepted the challenge. We've done 3D cake before and I think this project is not really difficult. However there some technique and material that we never used before and it makes the project more interesting.

One of the new material is modelling chocolate, which I've been dying to try. After watching so many episodes of Cake Boss I've been curios on this particular material. I found a simple recipe on the internet it turned out quite hard to work with and not as easy as fondant but I think people prefer eating chocolate rather than pure sugar so it was a god try. I used the modeling chocolate for the neck and cap of the bottle.

The other technique/material that we never use before is edible print. I've been wanting to try on edible print before but it's not cheap so I put it on hold. Receiving order less than week from delivery time makes finding printer for edible printing a challenge. I leave it up to BakerzMum to do the research and she found it not in the internet but in a place I never thought would do it. She went to the local cake shop that does edible print on cake and surprisingly their willing to do just the print without the cake and it's cheaper than the internet price and they can have it done in 2 days which is perfect. Applaud to BakerzMum and her 'think outside the square' thinking.

I begin with carving the cake and shaping the modeling chocolate and cove them with ganache. And then I cover the cake with dark chocolate fondant and the cap with beige color fondant which I painted god with gold lustre dusk, and I painted the chocolate fondant with pearl shimmer dusk.

The cake floating on top of Pyrex container

Once it all done I placed the cake on top of cake board and applying the edible prints and voila it transform from normal bottle cake into Johnnie Walker Blue Label cake.

Close up on the edible label

Secret message on the bottom label, I hope they notice it

Well honestly the edible prints come a little bit smaller than it suppose to. I've already instructed them not to scale the file but the obviously did but at least it's still looks good.

Another view

Another angle

This project is super fun and I'm doing it while seeping on aged whiskey hehehehe...just kidding. I wish Damo a very happy birthday and hopefully this cake marked one of his milestone. Thanks for checking guys.


  1. oh Wow, is this the edible print project?
    niceee.... :)

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  3. hi! may I know where you got the images of the labels you used? Ive been searching the net but could not find good images. thanks!