Saturday 22 September 2012

Bakerz Mum's Birthday Cake - 2012

Special Bakerz Mum logo on her 30th birthday

If you guys have been following my blog since last year, you might recall that one of the first cakes I made was for Bakerz Mum's birthday. It was a small cake and only to feed small number of people. I did some roses and did some pipping. Here's the cake to refresh the time flies and you can see how much I learned in a year.

Bakerz Mum's Birthday Cake - 2011

As a very modest person of course Bakerz Mum never thought about her birthday, her only request is a nice family dinner just the 3 of us. However, her birthday happened to be fall on the same day as our prayer group meeting and we can't bail on this as we had several of our regular members on holiday. So I propose to her to make her a proper cake so we can celebrate her birthday on the meeting and she reluctantly accepted.

When I asked her what kind of birthday cake she had in mind as usual she replied that she had no idea. So I came out with 2 tiered cakes with some sugar flowers on it. It happened that a week before her birthday I received an email that is having a 50% off sale on their online classes so  splurged and one of the classes is Handcrafted Sugar Flowers by Jacqueline Butler of The Petal Sweet. So I did some sugar flowers using the technique I learned from the online class and created 2 peonies, 2 roses, 1 rose bud, 20 hydrangeas, and 20 hydrangeas buds.

What I had in mind is creating an arrangement on the cake...oh how I can be so wrong. I was out on a business trip to Tasmania for 3 days so I have to rush the cake on Friday night. It wasn't the most perfect cake, had some problem with the ganache etc since we're our own customer this time I'm not really fuzz about things.

I iced the cake and stack them together, if you look closely you can see how these two tiers are som much different. The bottom tier had really rounded edge and the top one I managed to apply some new technique to get sharp edge (still work on progress to master the technique). I managed to get the sharp edge by the help of this tool, they call it side smoother by Little Venice Cake Company.

It's not cheap but sure is a good investment, one of the advantage being a traveling salesman is you could find things in unusual place, I found this little beauty at a craft store in Launceston, Tasmania.

Back to the cake, so I've done so many flowers and their really labor intensive and......only 2 roses made it on the cake. First because the cake turned out not so huge so the peonies will be to overpowering. Second, because Bakerz Mum like everything simple so the hydrangeas and buds are out of the picture. So without further a present you Bakerz Mum's birthday cake for 2012 (and it's her 30th).

So here's the contrast of Bakerz Mum's birthday party from last year and this year hehehehe. Almost the same concept but different technique and execution. Actually her cake last year was much smaller but got more flowers....hmmmm.

Some close up shot of the roses, so happy how it turned out

We had a great day on the prayer meeting and we had one of our best friend's mum sharing the same birthday with Bakerz Mum so we share the cake with her.

The birthday girls

Make a wish and blow the candle, look at me so excited and join in on blowing the candle

Family picture

We had a great day together, had some quality time as a family and sharing the love with a bunch of friends. At the end Bakerz Mum didn't get her dinner (poor thing) but we schedule the dinner the next day.

Thanks for checking my blog, will update you with my next project. It will be 2 tier cake with roses (sounds familiar) but this time it will be colorful.


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