Monday 22 October 2012

Underwear Cake with A Twist

DISCLAIMER: This is adult only cake that contains depiction of male genitalia

I've been debating whether I should post this cake on my blog because some people might find this cake to be confronting. But at the end I decided to post it anyway, so if you don't want to expose yourself to any depiction of male genitalia feel free to browse my other projects. Consider that you've worn.

This cake is for a blushing bride to be on her hens night. When I was contacted the first time to do a hens night cake all I can think off is something R rated that might spice up the night. The organizer of the hens night which is a good friend of mind suggested some more 'polite' designs but I pitched her this one instead.

At first she found it confronting and she took it to the committee, yes they have hens night committee. Everyone thought that it's confronting might not be appropriate blah blah blah but the more they search for more appropriate design they were drawn back to this one. I guess it has it's on charm cast unto the girls backed with evil plan to humiliate the bride to be before she wore the crown as 'queen of the day'.

So here first ever adult only cake, it's not too much and I found it quite tasteful. Talking about taste I specifically requested the committee to have the bride-to-be taste the 'cake topper' but at the end they said no one dare to touch it and just cut the cake around it. I take it as a compliment as I made it quite realistic HA.

Congratulation and all the best for Judith on her wedding, may she's blessed with husband as hung as this cake. I wish this cake doesn't make her expectation too high on her wedding night.

Thanks peeps for checking this naughty cake, this might open a new business venture for me hehehehe. I'll update you with my next project.


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