Monday 17 December 2012

Minnie Mouse Cake

This cake is for Natasia, I did her one month old cakes celebration not a while ago (I thought). Holy molly it's been a year since I did that cakes, how time flies.

Natasia's mum wanted me to do Minnie Mouse cake to match her birthday outfit. So I did a Minnie Mouse figurine and the cake is on her signature red with white polka dot.

I thought since Minnie is a black mouse I used white background when I took the photograph, but honestly I'm not that keen with my white background because it's not true white it's more ivory. Mental note to use black background no matter, oh well.

The party was a hit with birthday girl and mum wore matching outfit (red with white polka dot) like I did red cake instead of pink.

Thanks for checking out my blog, will update you with my next project. Cheers.


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