Monday 10 December 2012

Wedding Cakebot

This is our first wedding cake and we're so excited when Jaslyn asked us to do her wedding cake. Jaslyn is Bakerz Mum uni friend and fellow architect. As an architect with creative mind unusual theme comes as natural. Thinking that I will do a traditional wedding cake with sugar flowers and pipping details, she came with robot theme. At first I thought she will ask us to do a 3D robot cake (R2D2 came to mind), but apparently she wanted only the cake topper to be Mr & Mrs robot, easy I thought.

Jaslyn sent us 3D modeling image of the cake topper she wanted, the design is quite simple and seems doable. She wanted the neck, hands and legs are actual screws and the body with metallic finish so I went to hardware store to find some nuts and bolts.

So I worked on my fondant to make the cake topper using fondant mixed with tylose powder. I utilize nuts and bolts to create robot like form according to the image Jas sent me. After hours spent and a day to let the whole thing dried I tested the topper and placed it on top of cake dummy. Nothing worked as the nuts and bolts are to big and heavy, the fondant also too heavy for the bolts to hold and I found difficulty securing the topper on the cake. I ended up frustrated and freaked out as the wedding day is approaching and it put a lot of pressure on me.

My first attempt, didn't work

After clearing my mind and decided to start over again, I learned from my mistake. I went and got smaller screws and was thinking to do the body with rice krispie treat. I went around shopping mall to get some inspiration and ended up in art supplies store. I found small styrofoam cones, a styrofoam pilar and small styrofoam eggs. I took them home and with a little of imagination I cut them to size and covered them with fondant, inserted some screws with help of hot glue gun and voila I got my cake topper. 
The finished cake topper

The day was such a beautiful day, we drove early in the morning for an hour to the wedding venue and delivered the cake. We had the ceremony in the park and it was just beautiful, the bride and groom surrounded by their family and closest friends, some even flew in from overseas.

The reception venue is over looking polo field serves as gorgeous backdrop of a gorgeous day and the weather is what everyone would as for a wedding. Luckily the bride and groom are happy with how the cake turned out.

Beautiful Bride and Groom with their cake

Congratulation Fooch and Jaslyn for your wedding and thanks for trusting to us to do your wedding cake. We wish all the happiness on your marriage and may you blessed with many children.

Thanks everyone for checking, I will update you with my next project.


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