Friday 29 March 2013

Baptism Bear Cake

My friend contacted me for her son's baptism cake. What I've been given is the invite to the event with blue and white stripes that's it. So I took it that I had a free reign on designing the cake.

I did my due diligent searching on facebook and what I found is mostly baby booties, crucifix and bear. I love the idea of bear and made the topper bear.

The instruction is clear, keep it simple and clean, so that's what I did a bear topper with message ' God Bless Ethan' on the top tier. I'm in love with the rim cutter I used on my previous project and used it again on this cake.

All in all I'm quite happy with the result and how the cake looked at the end. I had a positive feedback from the mother, it's always nice to have someone complimented your ahrd work.

Thanks for checking my blog, I still got some cakes to blog soon. Ciao.


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