Saturday 30 March 2013

Elmo Cake

My second most favorite Sesame Street character, my most favorite is Cookie Monster. I was thrill when a friend of mine asked me to do Elmo cake. She sent me the printables for the party and it looked colorful, vibrant and exciting.

She asked me to do stripes for the bottom layer and a polka dots on the top layer with Elmo burst out from the cake. I decided to do the top layer as present so it looked like Elmo burst out of a present.

I was procrastinating to the max with this cake and I had the Hoot and Hootabelle cake the day before. So I turned to me newly found best friend, styrofoam ball for Elmo's head and I really rely on support on this figurine. I had skewer supporting the head and went into the body all the way to the length of the cake. For the hand I used spaghetti to supported it and it went all the way trough the body to the cake.

Making Sesame Street character is always fun because they're so easy, no need to be perfect because they cover in fur just need to make sure the proportions are correct.

My friend prepared an amazing dessert table in this cake was sitting tall in the middle of it. I love how the color scheme went really well together and everything looked so pretty.

I can't help myself taking the opportunity to pose next to the cake, it was a great party and superb dessert table.

Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with my net project. Ciao.


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