Tuesday 2 April 2013

Hootabelle Cake

Another Hootabelle cake in a course of a week, I've became expert on making this lovely owl. I've been contacted my SIL's friend to do a cake for her daughter's first birthday. Her theme was obviously Hootabelle, this new addition on Giggle and Hoot gang sure is very famous with toddler.

The brief is simple, Hootabelle figurine with purple and pink color theme. The customer asked me to do 2 tier cake of Lapis Surabaya. I decided to do purple on the bottom tier and pink on the top tier.

I still obliged with the mandatory checkered rug on Hootabelle cake, don't know why most of the Hoot or Hootabelle cake I found on Google do the checkered rug but I just follow suit. I did number 1 with fondant with different approach this time.

I also did a different approach on the figurine, I think this one more resemble hootabelle the one I did earlier was too round I think.

I hope you enjoy my post, thanks for checking and I will update you with my next project. Cheers.


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