Friday 29 March 2013

High Tea Cake

 This is another cake from January, I don't know what's wrong with me this year but I've been extremely lazy. One day I was contacted by a lovely lady from Jakarta, she would like to order a cake for her best friend in Melbourne. I think it is a very lovely gesture that no matter they're oceans apart she still wanted to give her best friend a lovely surprise.

At first she's now sure what she wanted the cake to look like but at the end she settled with tea cup with macaroons inside. The birthday girl is a big fan of high tea and macaroons are her favorite, don't we all love macaroons.

First thing that I did was creating the tea cup and saucer using fondant, the order came in a bit last minute so I think I was very lucky my tea cup and saucer set in time. I've seen many beautiful haind painted tea cups before and this is my first time ever attempt hand painting on any of my cakes and I think it turned out quite well.

For the color scheme I decided on green and white to give it vintage feel and in line with the hand painted tea cup. I also adorned the cake with fondant ribbon roses, the lady who ordered the cake originally asked for pearls but with the color scheme I thought the roses looked better.

Macaroons are store bought, I didn't got enough time to do any macaroons and with limited time given I really didn't have any room for error. Love the colors but wish the shop bought the macaroons from got brighter color macaroons but I think it still looked lovely.

Even though this is a last minute cake, I put a lot of love with this one because I quite like the concept. I'm very happy with how the cake turned out, it's very feminine and delicate.

Thank you all for checking my blog, I will update you with my other projects. Cheers.


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