Saturday 18 May 2013

Teddy Bear Heart Cake

One night I received a phone call from a couple to do their daughter's birthday cake. It was quite last minute but fortunately I'm still open for the date. It started a bit hard because they're not sure how they want the cake to look like.

So I asked what's their daughter interest, first thing that came out was Dora. Honestly I rarely see any great Dora cake around, the best I've seen so far is because the cake was done beautifully but still the Dora not looking so good. I think it's not the cakers problem but the problem is with Dora herself, she's abit hard to make in my opinion.

So I pitched the best Dora cake I can find along with other popular theme for girl birthday cake like bear, butterfly, ladybug and farm animals. And they still want Dora, but at the end the daughter picked bear theme herself (good girl). Not that I don't want to do Dora but it's so hard to get it right with her complexion and her fringe THE FRINGE!

So I did a sketch and send it to them, they agreed with my sketch and did a little adjustment. Since I only have limited time and got bitten by lazy bug I turned to Styrofoam balls for my figurine, I think I'm converted to styrofoam ball. I'm using less fondant and it's dried quicker plus light weight. I added S on the heart teddy's holding because it's the birthday girl's initial.

I'm so happy with this cake especially this is the first cake I managed to get the edge perfectly sharped. Thanks to the online course I took from Cake Masters now I'm ready to make more sharp edged cake.

The couple and birthday girl picked up the cake and they're happy with how it looks as much as I enjoyed did this cake for them. Thanks for checking, will update you with my next project.


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