Sunday 29 December 2013

Isadora's First Birthday Cake

Isadora's mum contacted me to do a cake for her first birthday. She wanted me to do similar cake with the one I did for Ella but different (?) hahahahaha. After we discuss the idea she wanted me to do Isadora figurine on top of her cake.

She sent me a picture of Isadora with her birthday dress, a beautiful white dress and she asked me to make the figurine hold Isadora's favorite plush toy a cute bunny and she will be holding a baloon with number '1' on it.

because it's sort of bunny theme she asked me to do carrots to go around the top tier. Along with the cake Isadora's mum asked me to do some cupcakes too.

It turned out that Isadora's dad is a photographer and has his own studio Vivera and he sent me these pictures from the party. It looked like very fun party, and look at the details.

Such a fun cake to make and making me so happy that the display it on a beautiful dessert table. Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with more projects.


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