Sunday 29 December 2013

Peonies Wedding Cake

Okay, when the bride first contacted me she failed to mention this is a wedding cake. Well practically this is not a wedding cake, this is a surprise birthday cake for the groom (so sweet) but it serves as wedding cake too. Ok I'll stop, before I confuse you even further.

Peony is my all time favorite flower in fact it's my wedding flower I think I like it because the fact that peony is huge and looks so dominant. So when the bride asked me to do peonies I jumped with joy, reason being I have peony cutter which I bought last year and I haven't got a chance to use it.

OK, back again this is a birthday cake for the groom with his Initial on top. I didn't even know that it was the bride who ordered the cake I thought she was ordering as part of a group of friends who wants to surprise the groom on his wedding/birthday.

How did I know the one ordering the cake was the bride? When I delivered the cake her name was on the venue announcement (D'ohhh) I secretly thought that she's a best friend who secretly had a crush on the groom (talking about 'My Best Friend's Wedding).

The designed was from the bride, she asked me to do a square cake as the bottom tier and placed stages of groom's life on each side of the cake, here goes:

When he was a baby

When he was a boy

When he graduated from Uni ( I forgot to paint the frame gold on this one when I took the photo, but I did paint it gold after the photo shoot done)

When he marries his dream girl.

I think this cake is so sweet and I bet the groom was so touched with how far his bride went to get a surprise cake for him. Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with my next projects.


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