Monday 6 October 2014

Cars 2 Cake for Lucas

If you ever remember last year I made a cake for my beloved nephew for his first birthday Cars cake for Marco and how I miserably failed to make the cake topper. That time I tried to make a giant Lightning McQueen and the details are just overwhelming so I decided to go with plastic version of that red car.

So this project is about redemption and how I was faced with my nemesis those talking cars from Disney's Cars franchise. Lucas's mum contacted me and asked me to do a copy of another caker's work with 2 cars figurine on top. Still recovering from the failure I made, I braved myself to accept the challenge. Since it required 2 figurines on the cake so it's not too hard to do and I managed to do the cars figurine (yay me).

Along with the figurines I did the cities plaque as per Luca's mum photo example, and I did Cars 2 logo as well. With a little bit patient and aiming on achievable goal I managed to pull trough this cake.

I also did some stars to burst out from the cake with Italian flag colors. At the end it was quite a well presented cake and I was quite happy with the end result.

I also did racing flag pattern on the cake board, shouldn't have done the whole thing as most of my hard work was covered by the cake.

Here are some of the pictures of the cake.

I hope you enjoy this entry as this is my first entry on 2014 (gasp!) been lazy as this is October and I have at least a dozen project to blog.

Here goes my new year resolution, maybe I need to renew it for 2015 :)


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