Sunday 6 November 2011

Trial Cake

Hi everyone sorry for getting away so long.
So as mentioned on my last post I have got the honor to create a birthday cake for my friend's son first birthday party. My baking journey has been occupied with that project since my last post, so to avoid any spoiler for the birthday cake I didn't post any progress of the cake.
However, the party is over and the cake has been reveal so I'm going to post some progress leading up to creation of the birthday cake. Initially this couple had asked for quote to some bakers for the birthday cake, but since I'm quite a close friend of them I volunteered to do the cake.
Despite my lack of experience my friend trusted me to bake the cake for her son, as a brief she send the the design of the banner and table cover she got from local party supplies.
The main theme is elephant, blue elephant with green and sky blue color as main color. So to make sure I can do the job with the birthday cake, I made a trial cake as bellow.
With time limitation I made the cake with pre-mix boxed cake and smaller version of the elephant and some decoration.

The trial cake, with small elephant

details on the elephant
elephant from the side

The trial cake turned out quite good and at least it convince my friend and myself that i can d this project. I will post the final result shortly. Thanks for checking out.


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