Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas House Cake

25 December 2011,

This year's Christmas is rather special, because this is the first Christmas where I can bake my own Christmas cake. Many years I have spent looking at beautiful Christmas cakes and always dream to have one but I always on holidays during Christmas for the last 5 years. This year is different, I will spend Christmas day with a bunch of old friends and I get to create my own Christmas cake.

My Christmas House Cake

When I laid my eyes on ginger bread house at the first time I fell in love. Growing up in tropical country I don't get use to ginger bread house as Christmas nibbles. I learn about this festive cookies from Christmas movies from US and I first saw ginger bread house in real live when I migrated to Melbourne. So I decided to incorporate ginger bread house into my Christmas cake, it's not hard to make and makes the cake looks nicer.

We prepared the ginger bread house days in advance to let it set. Bakerz Mum in charge on baking the house and decorate it with royal icing.

Along with the Christmas theme, I recycled the tree and snowman from my previous project the snow globe cakes. I created extra trees and penguins with santa hats to make it merrier and don't forget about the presents.

Christmas trees, snowman, penguins, and presents all made by fondant

Covering cake this size is another challenge, but I'm happy of how it turned out thanks to my giant rolling pin. On top of the blue fondant cover I placed white fondant, it turned out easier than I initially thought. A sharp art knife on hand proof to be a lot of help to keep everything neat.
The cake covered in fondant, it was really hot that day and I took sometime for the fondant to set

I was thinking on putting the let the fondant set over night and finish the cake on Christmas morning. But I was too excited on how it all turned out and decided to finish in on Christmas eve. I was too excited and wasn't thinking straight not until I was half way down I realized that I put the decorations on the wrong side of the cake (NO!!). Okay, here's the deal I place the cake off center of the cake board to allow some space on the front of the cake for the penguins and trees. Halfway placing the decorations then bakerz mum pointed out that I was placing the house (secured by royal icing and not possible to move) facing the wrong side (d'oh). Oh well, live goes on and it turned out not that bigger deal.

This picture was taken on Christmas eve on my kitchen (the only room on the house with flouro light)

View from the top

Detailed view of the penguin and snowman

Detailed view of decoration

Detailed view on the plump penguin, the first penguin I did

This penguin is so happy with his present

Front view

corner view

rear corner view

rear view

I really enjoyed baking this cake and made all decorations, I guess it's the Christmas spirit. Thanks for checking out my blog. Have a Merry Christmas to you all and may the joy of Christmas filled your heart and your loved ones.


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