Monday 2 January 2012

Sesame Street Cake

2 January 2012,

Happy New Year everyone, 2011 has been a wonderful year and I bet 2012 will be even better. This is my last cake of the year for 2011. Closer to Christmas holiday we received a call from a distressed mum trying to plan her son's first birthday party but apparently she forgot to book for a cake. Lucky for her we're not going anywhere and very eager to expand our portfolio, so here goes.
At first the brief was quite simple, she wants number 1 cake..easy...but when we ask about the theme she's leaving it up to us (can be a blessing or headache), at the end after a moment to breathe the mother decided Sesame Street theme for the cake (HURAYYY love love love Sesame Street).

Sesame Street Cake

So, I've been known as Sesame Street lover hehehehe, I remember my Elmo pillow to match my red car while I was in Uni in Jakarta. I still have Sesame Street pencil holder and tin bucket which are now at my daughter's nursery and I have Cookie Monster mug which I have since 2000 I brought it over from Jakarta to Melbourne and still remain one of my favorite mug. Hence I had a blast making the figurines which I picked Elmo as the main character (gotta love Elmo), with Cookie Monster (personal favorite but he's to goofy to take center stage) and of course Big Bird (the most sensible of them all).

At first I created Elmo with legs hanging because the initial idea is to put him on the edge of the cake but due to limited space I changed the plan and make him sitting in the middle. I took the picture of Elmo and posted it on Facebook to ask for suggestion because I think Elmo look scared at first. It was almost midnight and one of my friend reply and said it's the mouth that makes him look scared so I took the advise and widen the mouth and it grateful for the advise.

Cookie...cookie....I love how Cookie Monster turned out with his cookies (got the idea while browsing the net) and his googly eyes.

And the ever happy Big Bird, I feel so proud of his eye lids I never thought I could nail it.

OK now back to the cake, never done number 1 cake before and first thing came to mind is getting the number 1 cake tin. It turned out to be too expensive for a one off thing so I turned to my cake decorating book and decide to create the 1 shape by cutting and modeling a rectangle cake.

This is the rectangle cake, the biggest cake we've done by far. It took 2 hours and 10 minutes to bake, nearly 1 kg of butter and 1 kg of sugar (oh my)

We cut the cake, level it and place it to make it number 1 cake. This cake suppose to be marble cake but it looks more like 'cow's spots' cake if you get what I mean.

Covered the cake with butter cream icing

Cover the cake with fondant, my first time covering shaped cake not an easy task but this one is still doable

Placed the figurines and the name plate on the cake and it's all done. I quite regret that the cake looked a little bit 'bare', I think if I put yellow and orange spots all over it will look nicer.

Another look of cookie monster

And Elmo

And Big Bird

View from the top

It was 31 December 2011 when I finally finished the cake and it was picked up on New Years Eve. I hope Jordan had a blast on his party, it was nice and sunny that day, the first day of 2012.
Thanks everyone for checking out my blog. Wish you all a wonderful year ahead. Cheers.


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