Wednesday 25 January 2012

Panda Cake

Hi Everyone,

I thought it was going to be a laid back week after the busy weekend with the baby cakes and Ben10 cake but I was wrong. A friend of a friend saw my page on facebook and contacted me, she wanted to order a cake for her boyfriend's birthday.

The brief is simple, she wants a small cake round panda face cake. She will have a week gateway with her boyfriend to celebrate his birthday and will take the cake with them so there will be transporting involved a long one. They will pick up the cake on Monday and take it with them to Adelaide on Tuesday and the birthday will be on Wednesday. Due to the possibilities of damaged during transport initially she wanted small cake with 2D decoration, but I sold her the idea to make it with 3D figurine and transport the figurine in separate container and she agreed. So here's the panda cake we created for her.

Panda cake, from Angela with love

I did the figurine a day in advance, she asked me to make the panda chubby and cute at first I thought the panda I made is chubby enough not until I checked on her FB photo.

Because they will take it on the road and it has to wait for 2 days before they will consume it Bakerz Mum baked the cake on Monday afternoon and I started working the cake after work (she picked it up around 9pm) so we're kinda in a rush and worked frantically. This is the part where I received an sms from Angela that they will arrive in 30 minutes and Bakerz Mum was away putting our daughter to bed. Panick attack yet I still managed to take a snapshot hehehehe.

The paws idea was a last minute thing, initially I was going to put random circles around the cake but the idea strikes me while I was panicking try to finish the cake. If I was given more time I would put smaller paws in between but I'm quite happy with how it turned out.
View from the top

Another look of the cake

Thank you all for spend some time to check my blog, I will update you with my next project. Cheers.


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