Saturday 4 February 2012

Fishing Cake + Mermaid

Hi All,

This is a very fun cake to make and I have to admit I got carried away. A former colleague and good friend of mine contacted me for a surprise birthday cake for her manfriend. Her manfriend turned 40 and she's planning a private family gathering and she would like to get a cake from me. The brief is simple, a boat with both of them fishing or something to reflect him turning 40.

Of course I jumped on the fishing idea because it's more fun. I got to admit not many great fishing cake out there that I could use as reference so I used a little bit of my imagination. Putting 2 figurines on top of a boat will require a big boat not a big deal but the cake is for a private party hence the cake shouldn't be too big. So I decided to get him on the boat and her as sexy mermaid swimming by so I don't have to make a big boat, and make it more fun.

So I did a sketch and creating things as I go, here's the result my first ocean theme Fishing Cake + Mermaid.

Fishing Cake + Mermaid

This is my third time creating human figurines and I think it's getting better and better. I have to admit that I'm still struggling with the hair especially the female hair, this is the first time I did a female figurine. Not too bad for first attempt but can be better.

Close up on the figurines

I did the mermaid with 'Dora' fringe because last time I made my colleague she had this fringe hehehehe. Even though she doesn't have the fringe anymore but this is my memory of her, actually it's just an excuse the truth is I forgot to check her recent FB picture and just went with what I had in my memory hehehehehe.

Say hi to Em the sexy mermaid

and Rob the fisherman

This is the first time I've ever done an ocean themed cake and I have to admit that it's really fun to do.
Due to space limitation I only incorporate the corals, seaweeds, starfishes and the air bubbles. Should have made more sea creatures but it would be to crowded.

View from the top

Initially I was planning to make the fishing rod connected with string to the top of the cake, short of make the string went inside the cake. But when I placed the boat, my cake wasn't big enough so it has to go to the side of the cake which I think looks better. Also the number 40 should be part of 'Happy 40th Birthday Rob' message on top of the cake but I decided to make as if Rob is fishing the number 40 from the bottom of the ocean.

Detailed view of the number 40

The rear view of the cake, gotta love the mermaid tail it looks awesome

Frontal top view of the cake

As I said before this cake was really fun to make, I challenged myself to think outside the box and I think the end result is not disappointing. My friend was thrilled and she said she love it which make hours of hard work paid off. Thanks for checking everyone, I will update you with my next project.

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