Monday 2 January 2012

Super Heroes Cake

Hi everyone,

If you got a chance to check on my previous post I posted my last cake of 2011, the Sesame Street Cake. This cake is my first cake of 2012 and I spent nearly the whole day on 1 January worked on this cake.

When I first contacted by my friend that someone express an interest trough her to order a birthday cake from us I was quite excited. It was a friend of friend who wanted to order Super Heroes themed cake. After back and forth with options of single tier, cupcakes, 2 tiers, 2 super heroes, 3 super heroes etc. finally the mum decided to go with 2 tiers cake with Batman, Superman and Spiderman.

I found it quite a challenge to incorporate 3 superheroes with 3 different super powers into 2 tiers of cake, If she ordered 3 tiers that would be much easier hehehe. So Bakerz Mum and I did some research and we got some ideas even though it's still a bit hard to mashed those superheroes together. After an intensive brain storming session we have decided to put Spidy on the cake board with his spider web, Superman in the middle with his signature yellow belt and logo and Batman at the top.

Super Heroes Cake

It was quite a process doing this cake, and I've taken some pictures during the making of this cake.

First we cover the cake with blue fondant, I call it Superman blue

And we placed the cake on top of fondant covered cake board, note that I pre-marked the cake board for Sipdy's web

And we start on the spider web

The finish look of the spider web

The bottom tier is dedicated for Superman, so here goes his belt and logo

Put the top tier on

Placing the sky scrappers to represent Batman, yes the top tier is dedicated for Batman and I placed the birthday boy's name in between spider web.

The finished cake ready to be pick up the next morning, it was really hot that day and I felt quite accomplished finishing this cake

Detailed view of Superman's logo

Detailed view on birthday boy's name

The Batman logo which I put on cake wire

It was 2 hot days in a row that I worked on this cake, I was quite worried that the cake might gone bad but my friend who joined the birthday party told me that the cake was fine, what a relief. I hope the birthday boy get to enjoy the cake, it was quite an effort working on the heat (thank God for my old air con) and thank you all for visiting Bakerz Dad's blog.


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