Saturday 2 June 2012

Dragon Cookies

This dragon cookies are created for a very special baby boy, a fighter and a survivor. I've know his parents for a long time and BakerzMum used to work with his dad. This couple has been trying to get pregnant for years and after several miscarriages they finally blessed with a baby boy but not without a twist. Baby Kayden arrived earlier than the scheduled C-section and everything went well until his mum suffered almost undetected internal bleeding and had to undergo 4 hours surgery. At the end mum and bub are healthy and save but there were point that his mum almost gone. It's a very touching story of motherhood and perseverant please click for Kayden's story.

Long before the baby was due, my friend (the mum) contacted me if I could do some cookies for her baby' one month celebration. The theme was dragon in line with the Year of Dragon, I was thrilled and accepted the request. She was requested for me to do the cookies like I did for my daughter's first birthday which is fondant covered cookies it's quite simple really.

However, as I developed my knowledge on sugar art I came across so many beautiful intricate cookies which involved a lot of technique. One of the technique that intrigue me is flooding the cookies with royal icing to make design more interesting. It's quite a simple technique really but it might take some time for the royal icing to set, I'm not talking minutes or hours but over night.

I was planning to make the tutorial but I was so absorb with the project as it was quite labor intensive that I forgot to take pictures. I did the cookies, 60 of them in advance and let it rest over night. The following evening I pipped the royal icing borders and let it rest, I didn't got a chance to flood the cookies at the same day because it took me quite sometime to pipped borders on 60 cookies so by time I finished it was already late. So the following evening I flood the cookies with royal icing and did the polka dot design I think it's appropriate for a newborn, kinda remind me of my daughter's cot sheet. I let the cookies rest nearly 24 hours, packed it nicely and deliver it to Kayden's parents to give away to well wishers.

another view of the cookies

White on blue or blue on white design

This was quite labor intensive project and took a lot of room because I can't stack the cookies while it rest so my dinning room and lounge room was full with containers of cookies. I regret I didn't have enough time to take good pictures of the cookies but I can feel that this might not be my last cookies project. Overall I'm quite happy with the result and thrilled that I got to explore new technique and medium, royal icing definitely my new passion now. Thanks for checking my blog and I will update you with my next project.


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