Thursday 28 June 2012

Butterfly Cake

A good friend of mine asked me to do a birthday cake for her as she's turning 30. For some 30 is a milestone to celebrate it's the time when you evolved from young adult to more mature adult. She requested butterfly theme but warned me not to create a butterfly shaped cake.

This girl has been known all her life to be a fan of anything yellow but when I dug more how she wanted the cake to be she said that she has grown to like red more now. So it will be like a yellow catterpilar metamorphosing into red butterfly.

First idea came to mind is to make an elegant white cake with butterflies surrounding it from pink color butterflies descending into red color butterflies.

I made the butterflies days in advance and placed it on a V shaped paper to allow enough time to set. At the end I have 4 shades of butterflies from pale pink to radiant red.

I said to my friend that I will try to make flower for her cake, but I've never done sugar flower before I got the cutter but never got a chance to give it a go. So I gave it ago and I did it, it's not perfect but at least it looked alright. I placed 1 butterfly on the flower as accent and the climax of the spiraling butterflies.

 The cake turned out quite elegant the way I picture it should be. I have to admit not many technique involved with this cake yet this is might be one of my favorite, it proofs that simplicity can be beautiful.

I have tons of photos of this cake and can't get enough looking at how the butterflies descent. I really enjoy doing this cake and I hope you enjoy looking at it too. Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with my next project.


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