Wednesday 27 June 2012


A family friend contacted me for a surprise birthday cake for her husband's birthday. I have to admit making cake for an adult man is a little bit tricky than a woman. For woman you can always resolve to girly stuff such as flowers, pink color etc. but for a guy is not always that simple. So we did a little bit of brainstorming and she told me that her husband love to watch NCIS and CSI on TV. She we came to an agreement to do NCIS/CSI themed cake.

I did my research and have to admit not many NCIS cakes floating around, the only idea came in mind is to make the yellow banner 'CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS' after I saw CSI DVD cover with that sign on it. After pitching the idea back to this family friend she throw in the idea of NCIS cap and it agreed that it's a great idea.

So I did the cap with Rice Krispie Treat (RKT) covered with fondant, it's quite a job but I think I did alright. The only regret is I didn't allow the eyeshade enough time to set. As the form is a little bit curved and should be like duck beak it will need to set and harden with support. But I didn't do the cap untill the night  before I have to finish the cake so when I put them together I have to let the support on the eyeshade. I know it's not perfect but I'm quite happy with the result.

The harders part doing this cake is to cut the letters for the yellow banner. Cutting letter is not the fun part of cake decorating but sometimes we have to do it to write the message, but for this cake the writting is actually part of the main components and it took a long time and team effort between me and BakerzMum at 1 in the morning. At least the end result looks great that make the time spent is not wasted hehehehehee.

Another view of the cake

View from the top

This is quite a unique design and I quite enjoy doing this cake, it might not seems complicated but a lot of labour and love spent on creating this cake. I hope you enjoy this post, thanks for checking and I will update you with my next project.


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