Saturday 9 June 2012

Kitchen Sink Cake

This is the biggest and heaviest cake I've made by far and I think this is very unique, not everyday you got to make edible kitchen sink.

I received a message on Facebook from a dear friend of mine stating that her cousin looking for a cake baker for her mum's birthday. I jumped to the opportunity thinking that it's going to be easy project, 2 tiers of cake with flowers or other feminine decoration. BakerzMum was the one who talked to the customer and she mentioned that the time is around dish washing (what?).

She sent us the invitation and it shows a lady in front of kitchen sink with latex gloves and apron on. First came in mine is making 2 tiers cake and drape it with apron and latex gloves, and we pitched the idea to the customer. But she came back whether we can make the cake like kitchen sink. So I went to the internet and got to be honest not many kitchen sink cake that I can refer to but at least we got some idea.

The cake is 50cm (20') x 25cm (10') and this is the biggest cake I've ever attempted to make and iced.
BakerzMum baked 4 10' square chocolate cakes, I stack them together the filling is chocolate ganache with raspberry. It's covered with vanilla butter cream and fondant.

The cakes stacked together

I've been watching Cake Boss and really inspired by him, one of the technique that I adopted is lining the cake with butter cream before I put on the filling therefore when I iced it with butter cream there wont be any nasty chocolate smeared on the butter cream.

My new cake cutter/leveler, found this beautiful equipment while visiting Good Food and Wine Show last weekend. I used this cutter for this cake and loving it already, really good investment.

The cake iced, look how big it is compared with the tissue box

To make the kitchen sink with dish washing theme what more that could capture the essence of the theme if not dirty dishes. I made the fondant tea cup, bowl and plates days in advance to make sure it's set and harden by the time I need to stack it. I painted them with gold and blue trims, blue because the color on the invitation is blue. I used skewers to support the plates so the wont fall down during transport.

For the water I used royal icing base and pipping gel for the water effect. This is the first time I've used pipping gel another inspiration from Cake Boss and I'm loving it. For the bubbles I pipped some sphere with royal icing. Love the overall effect of the water and bubbles.

The latex gloves follows the color of latex gloves on the invitation. I add tea towel because I think apron will be too big and I used the apron color on the invitation as inspiration. I used BakerzMum hand as a guide to make the gloves and scale it down a little bit to fit the porportion.

When we asked what message they want to put on the cake they said it's great to put Happy Birthday message but specifically asked to put Carmomatic instead of Carmen (the customer mum's name). I think it's really cute and wondering if Carmomatic can come and help us with the dirty dishes got a ton of them in my kitchen sink at the moment hahahahahaa.

I have to admit this might be the most challenging cake to cover with fondant by far. It's so big, I had to spend around 20 minutes just to roll the fondant to the right size. But I'm happy with the end result and make all the hard work worth.

The lady put another request, a cupcake for her father's birthday that fall on the day of the party. I think it's really sweet and selfless that the husband organized a surprise over the top birthday bass for his wife on his own birthday. So we think cupcake will be to simple, we made a small cake instead. The customer told us that her father love classical music hence the music theme.

It's long weekend here in Melbourne and I spent my Saturday finishing these two cakes. It's really tiring but looking at the cakes turned out make it all well worth the hard work. Thanks for checking on my blog, I will update you with my next project.


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