Wednesday 16 January 2013

Aiko's Pink and Yellow Party

Talking about super organized, Aiko's mum contacted me April last year for her party on December. She sent me some sketched for Aiko's cake and ordered a really nice mirrored acrylic with her name to be placed on the cake.

After back and forth with design and cake sizes we settled with a pretty simple design yet quite challenging in term of size. the bottom cake is 10 inch round cake and it's 8 inch tall, the top one is 8 inch round and 4 inch round.

Having a cake that tall of course it's quite challenging to cover it since I still roll my fondant with rolling pin. However, it turned out to be not as difficult as I initially thought. I managed to cover the bottom tier without any drama the first time. It was standing tall and mighty and looked so solid so I decided to leave the support, oh how I have to pay for it. All went smoothly and I stacked the cakes together and start working on the other part of the cake when I realized that the cake is bulging first thing came to mind was the heat, but at the end I realized it was because lack of support on the cake.

I tried to salvage the cake by pricking it with needle and pushed it in but it's getting worst. So I got to do what other cake decorator got to do, scraped all off and start again. So I took the top tier off and re ganaching the bottom tier and cover it again with fondant. I was prepared with my dowels this time and crisis averted.

On the day of the party I went to deliver the cake in the morning and in awe of the dessert table. It's so beautiful, a wonderful effort of Aiko's mum and very talented party stylish Marta Zeng. It was a team effort, Sayung Tina did the cupcakes, Alicia did the macaroons and the rest done by Aiko's mum and Marta.

I'm so happy with my cake as centre piece and how it endured the hot weather. It was a great party and everybody left with bentos. Thumbs up for Aiko's parent for the effort and dedication.

Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with my next project.


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