Friday 25 January 2013

Harcourt End of The Year Cake

As some of you may know, Bakerz Mum is working full time now. That makes it a bit challenging for us to juggle between full time job and caking, especially with her doing 6 days a week.

Bakerz Mum put her 3 years experience as architect to a good us, she landed a job as real estate agent. She is part of the set up team of brand new Harcourt Vermont South, Victoria. So anyone looking to buy or sell in South East Melbourne area or simply looking for some cakes please contact us.

Her new boss' wife was a lovely and entertaining lady, one day she learned about this blog and immediately wanted to order a cake. What she needed to do is to think about the occasion, and she found one a year end celebration.

So we did this special cake with a wish that Harcourt Vermont South sold many many houses in 2013. I know it's almost the end of January now, but I did the cake late December. Anyway, have a prosperous year ahead everyone. For you from Chinese descent, the year of the snake is not far away may you have a great CNY celebration.


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