Sunday 5 May 2013

Gold and (Not) Black Cake

Hi All,

One day I had a girl contacted me to do a cake for her friend's 21st birthday party. I think it's really sweet how friend can be so thoughtful, and cake above all is one of the most important part of a birthday especially if it's a milestone.

The brief was quite simple, the birthday girl was going to wear black and gold outfit so she wanted me to do black and gold glam cake. To make sure that we're on the same page I did a sketch and she approved it.

Okay, the theme is black and gold, honestly I've never done a cake with black as primary colour. I've done black fondant in the past by mixing black food coloring with dark chocolate fondant and the trick always work like a charm. This time I had to cover 10 inch of a cake which require me to use 1.5 kg of fondant. So I did the trick kneading black food coloring to dark chocolate fondant, 1.5 bottles of black food coloring later I got something that can be pass on as really dark chocolate or if you 're in a poorly lit place you can pass it on as black. At least I tries, tried really hard. Lesson learned, it's going to be pre color black fondant from now on.

The cake design is quite simple, number 21 made out of fondant in gold color as topper, the birthday girl name on a plaque, quilted cake with gold ball accent, some roses and gold ribbon. As it turned out, despite the fact that I did 5 roses for this cake the top surface ended up quite bare. So I whisked my paint brush and did a filigree (sort of) pattern on the cake. I have to admit that I doubt my decision while I was painting the cake, but I think it really made the cake better.

Delivered the cake in the middle of Melbourne's rainy autumn night and hoping that not getting any complaint about the color. The respond from the girl and her friends lifted up my doubt, they loved it. I received this text message the next day ' Hello Bakerz Dad, just wanna say thanks for the yummy, gorgeous cake for Angelyn's 21st bday! Bday girl was really surprised & happy with it! All my friends love it too.' This kind of respond just made my day.

Thanks for checking my blog, will update you with my next project.


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