Thursday 1 August 2013

Red Panda Cake

One day I was contacted by a lady via my facebook page asking for a cake quote.Turned out she was inquiring for her daughter's 21st birthday and she's in Sydney, so BakerzDad now delivering cake to Sydney, NOT! LOL.

Apparently, she and her entire family was coming to Melbourne for school holiday and to celebrate Christine's 21st birthday. She sent me a file full of instruction how she wanted the cake to look like. It's a square cake covered in light blue fondant etc.

She even sent me a picture of red panda from an etsy shop to copy which I obliged. This red panda figurine was suppose to be a pair for wedding cake topper. The female panda with hand bouquet and veil and the male panda in tuxedo. Due to different celebration, she asked me to make the panda holding present instead a tiffany box that is.

She also requested me to do stars on wire to go behind the panda in blue and white with light grey '21', yes she actually specified that. A name plague should go in front of the with white ribbon around and white doily to go underneath the panda.

The only thing that I deliberately decided myself id the musical notes, on her brief she put a question mark (?) next to musical notes in chocolate. So I took it that it's a suggestion only, at the end I did the musical notes in royal icing and guess what that's was her first comment when she came to pick up the cake. It's not like I don't want to do it in chocolate, but royal icing is more 'safe' and easier to wipe off in case I make a mistake which I did hehehehe.

Out of curiosity I asked her who recommended me when she pick up the cake and she said no one. She went to the internet looking for cake decorator in Melbourne and stumble upon my blog and contacted me from the details I left on this blog. I found it very fascinating.

I hope Christine had an awesome birthday and her cake was part of the awesomeness, I tried my best to do her mother's design a justice and I'm quite happy to how it turned out especially the red panda.

Thanks for checking in, I will do more process shot and tutorial so it's not too boring. But..I still got like 4-5 cakes to blog and I've been lazy lately. Ciao.


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