Monday 2 December 2013

Cake Central Fashion Issue 2013

Hi everyone,

OK OK it's been a while it's been a while, or may I say it's been too long. After 18 months diligently blogging my cakes I've been a slack for the last 6 months.

OK in case you don't know already, my cake was featured on Cake Central Magazine!!!!! I still can't believe it that I could be so lucky.

Here's the badge of honor, I'm so thrill and humbled as I thought my cake might not be good enough for and international cake magazine.

OK here's the story, back in April this year I received an email from Cake Central with this subject: 'Cake Central Magazine Interested In Featuring Your cake'. My initial thought this must be a scam, even though I'm a member in Cake Central website I'm not extremely active on the forum etc, what I did was just uploading pictures of my cake.

So I followed the link and it's seems pretty legit. They send me images below with instruction to do a cake draw inspiration from this beautiful dress.

Along with the instruction and deadline they make it clear to have plenty of pictures and suggestion to use professional. My first thought was my friend Klara from Unikblue Photography, she contacted me to do a cake for her son's birthday (Circus Cake). As I only doing cake for hobby, hiring professional photography is too expensive for an uncertainty investment (my cake may or may not be featured). So I did a deal with Klara to have a photo session done by her talented husband Steve and I do the cake in return and it went well.

So one sunny Sunday morning we had a photo shoot located in my office. We decided to use my office because the lobby got concrete wall to match the theme. The photos was fantastic but at that point I'm not sure if the cake is good enough to be featured. It's just very simple and not much technique to showcase.

I drew the inspiration from the petals and tried to mimic the dress, at point I thought it's too literal but I went with my initial impression of the dress and how I envisioned the cake.

I stayed with the true color of the dress and go with ivory. As the dress is very long and slender I decided to have a double barrel to make it look tall and slender.

The technique on making the peals is very straight forward, using rose petal cutter on gumpaste and I leave it over night to harden in shape before ensemble it.

 The tricky part is how to make it flow and drop like fabric on the dress. I used royal icing to ensemble them and it took good 3 hours to ensemble the petals. It's so funny that I remember what movie was on TV while I did some cakes (not all but some). I remember 'Under the Tuscan Sun) was on while I did this cake. Very fitting with the romantic theme of the cake.

At the end I uploaded 30 photos done by Steve, and waiting for them to come back to let me know whether I made it or not and this was back in April.

Without knowing when is the actual magazine intended to be published days and weeks and months went by without and news and I let go on my dream of being featured in Cake Central Magazine. At one point I was so tempted to publish this cake on my blog as one of the instruction was not to publish it anywhere or I will loose the opportunity to be featured. At that point I was certain that I didn't make it.

Until, one day in July I received and email saying that my cake was considered to be feature and their on the final stage of making decision. Along with a notification not to publish it anywhere, lucky I haven't done it yet. So the hope was still there and I was so excited.

One morning at the end of August, I received an email to confirm that my cake was featured on Cake Central Magazine. I can here confetti and fireworks went off in my head and I can't stop smiling for the whole day.

I was so proud and humbled that my far from perfect cake was featured along other beautiful cakes.  To share the lime light with talented cake artists around the world was a very great opportunity and I would like to dedicated this to my beautiful wife that always supported me in whatever I do.

Thanks for checking in my blog I hope you're not bored as I have posted photos on facebook. But I have tons of cakes to blog and I promise not to keep you wait for too long.


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