Sunday 29 December 2013

Rustic Wedding Cake

One of our bridesmaid was getting married and she asked me to do her wedding cake. I've been quite close to Indira the bride because she's really easy to be around with, always positive and open minded. When she asked me to do her wedding cake unlike other bride she left everything up to me I mean everything.

Her only brief was the wedding going to be in a vineyard and it has sort of like rustic feeling to it and her color was green. First came to my mind was sugar succulent which is quite popular lately, it's still uncommon and quirky and fit to the rustic theme.

This is my first time did sugar succulent and I love how easy and great it turned out to be. The branches idea came to me when I visited Cake Expo in Melbourne, I saw one of the cake has succulent and branches on it. The challenge is to find what branches to use. At first, I was thinking to use dried curly willow so I went to the florist and informed that they don't sell dried willow only fresh willow and it will get dry if taken out of water for a couple of weeks, yeah right I only have like 4 days until the wedding.

So I took the change and bought the fresh curly willow and took it out of the water. At the end it worked out better because the fresh branches are easier to handle.

I accompanied the cake with a dozen of cupcakes decorated with sugar succulents. It's not your usual wedding cake so I was quite nervous if Indira doesn't like it but when I showed her the pictures I took when I saw her outside the church she approved it phew.

Me the baker hehehehe

Look how beautiful the venue was

Cutting the cake, seriously that vintage table was very wobbly I was scared that the cake toppled to the ground

The traditional sharing the cake (or cupcakes)

It was a very fun day and we enjoyed beautiful weather at the wedding, happy wedding Indira and Mike may you love each other for the rest of your life.

Thanks for checking my blog, I will update you with more projects.


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