Wednesday 29 August 2012

Marco's One Month Old Cakes


It's been like forever since I got a chance to update my blog. I had a super fun month on August with the arrival of my nephew early June which mean early August is filled with preparation of my nephew's first month celebration cakes.

My brother and sister in law ordered 32 cakes to giveaway for well wishers to celebrate my nephew, Marco's first month. Actually, I never knew the rational behind one month celebration as I took it just as tradition. Into my third project of one month cake I came across a blog with the meaning of one month celebration. Apparently one month celebration also known as manyek or mak nyek for some is to celebrate baby's first full moon (mun yuet).

OK back to the cakes, my challenge is to create a unique design but not too complicated so I can replicate it 32 times. After searching trough the net I found a cute design with baby sleeping on top of cloud and I pitched the design to my brother and sister-in-law, first time I have to pitch a mun yuet cake to the parents usually the parents are too busy with the newborn they gave me free reign with the design. They love the design and set up a challenge for me because this will require more work than my other baby cakes.

The other challenge is on the week I have to deliver the cakes I have a business trip so I have to rely on BakerzMum to step up to the plate and take charge of prep-ing the cakes. I got to say I'm very proud of her because she did all the babies and all of the fondant decorations by herself with me checking every 5 minutes from interstate to make sure she's on it.

Since I have to go on a business trip and I happened to work for my brother we agreed that I will get the cakes ready separately, half of it on Saturday and the other half on Sunday. I touched down in Melbourne at 6.30pm and reached home at 8.00pm on Friday night and work non-stop until 3 in the morning. Got up at 9am the next day and continue working until 3pm when my brother came to pick up the cakes. I managed to finished 22 cakes that day, and finished the other 10 on Sunday. Felt like I ran a never ending marathon and after that I really really want my weekend back, but all done with love to little Marco.

I designed this message card to be placed on the cake box to match the cake design.

View from the top

I think at the end of the day I'm really happy on how the cakes turned out. I received so much compliment for the cakes and it makes countless hours of pipping the royal icing cloud paid off.

I can't say I enjoyed every moment working on this cake because the timing is not really on my side with me had to go interstate and all but I'm overall happy with the cakes. Thanks for checking my blog, I have a lot of other projects that I'm not yet posting on this blog but I assure you that soon you will see more posting. Over and out....


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